That’s right, I’m outta here.  This is the last post on because like others I have made the transition to a shiny new .ie domain.  And seeing as I’m the imaginative type,  I’ve plumped for …. *drum roll* …

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The whole process took a bit of fiddling with links and the such so if you notice anything wrong over at my new home, please let me know.  In particular, when importing I had to split up the import file as the upload limit of 2MB didn’t seem to change regardless of what I did.  Also, any links to other posts had to have the element of it removed completely.  I had to delete the data and start again a few times which wasn’t too hard thanks to a handy plug-in which deletes the required data.  Once I’m happy that everything is running as it should I’m definitely de-activating that one!

I will find a nice template for myself by the weekend in case it’s confused with the stylish design used by Damien :).

Oh and does anybody have any recommendations about what should happen to the content here?  Should it be deleted completely or is there some way to re-direct to my new site?

Berlin Sony Centre

The second of possibly three photos from the magnificent Sony Centre in Berlin.  Amazing architecture and a nice place to get a cup of coffee!

Television Tower

There’s a television tower in Berlin which can be seen from a lot of the city. We wandered over there the first day we were there but didn’t go up it because of the queues. The next day we were supposed to go back early but we never did. I’d say there’s an impressive view from up there!

Sony Centre in Berlin

October 4, 2007

Sony Centre Berlin

After a hectic week in Germany which included a visit to Berlin and Munich (for the Oktoberfest) and finally onto Salzburg in Austria I felt it time to post a few photos so here’s one from Berlin at the Sony Centre. We had rented bikes and ended up here for a nice coffee and dessert before heading off to the Jewish museum. Alas, I got a puncture and got lost in Berlin with no German and no map but I’ll leave that to another day…

Richard Gilewitz in Slainte

September 21, 2007

Richard Gilewitz

Richard Gilewitz played last night in Slainte and like I said yesterday, I went along after hearing a clip on Campus Radio in UCC.  The venue is small but it suited the finger-picking guitar style of Richard.  As well as being an amazing guitarist, he also spins a good yarn or two although the jokes were a bit heavy on the cheese a few times!  Very enjoyable night and if you get a chance you can catch him down at the Clonakilty Guitar Festival.  He’s giving a seminar at 2pm tomorrow in the parish hall and is playing in Shanley’s at 4pm.    Oh and check out the festival website for some classy music.

Richard Gilewitz

Tomorrow: some pictures from support act Peter Delaney.

Just a quick post to let people know that Richard Gilewitz is playing in Slainte (formerly The Vineyard) tonight.  I only heard of him on Campus Radio in UCC a few weeks back but check out some of his finger-picking guitar tunes and get your sorry ass into Slainte tonight for what promises to be a great gig.

I’m off to Germany on Saturday morning for the Oktoberfest so there may be some photos from tonight’s gig at some stage tomorrow.  I’ve never been upstairs in Slainte for a gig so it should be interesting.  The show starts at 9:30 and tickets cost €8.

This is my first post in quite a while, like Ryan, I have been busy moving house.  I’m feeling so broke at the moment that I will have loads of time to get back to posting as I won’t have money for anything else.  Normal posting will resume soon.

In the meantime, there is a charity photo exhibition starting in Mallow in Co Cork today at which big brother has a picture.  It’s for a good cause so go check it out if you’re in the area.  And bring your large open wallet.


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