DJ Gary Baus – Doubletime

October 3, 2005

DJ Gary Baus – Doubletime, originally uploaded by docaoimh.

Doubletime – a night of swing dancing and great music. Well worth the €5 cover charge. It’s becoming a victim of its own popularity though as the Spailpin is not quite big enough for the eclectic crowd that goes there. Well done Gary for bringing swing to the Cork masses!

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  1. Baus Says:

    Hey Donal,

    I’m Gary’s oldest brother, Gregory. You’re getting a big link on my blog for this one! Thanks a million.

  2. donal Says:

    Hi Gregory,

    No worries. Your little brother is a musical genius! Saw him play with his band in the Half Moon Theatre here in Cork too. Great stuff.

  3. RzurzeL Says:

    Greetingz, indeed Gary is a genius, i’ve met/saw/heard him in Cork, also i am the proud producer of hiroshima* and nagasaki* approved by the man himself

    *ask the man

  4. […] It’s good to see that Cork is starting to have more and more jazz music throughout the year. Between Doubletime, The Roaring Forties and now the Cork Jazz Big Band we’re almost spoilt for choice. I say almost because if you take a look at the swing dancing events available in Dublin, we’re a little bit behind our neighbours from the big smoke. […]

  5. Hana Says:

    hi people….
    you are right, Gary is a musical genius…..
    I say hallo from Czech Republic… I hope all is good.¨
    I miss the cultur in Cork…and all the nice people there.
    take care everybody and by….Hana from Czech.

  6. Declan Says:

    I’m trying to contact Gary with a view to ooking him to play for us. Can anyone provide contact details?

    Many thanks.

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