A Tenacious Tall Ship

June 3, 2006


The Tenacious pictured in Cork last week.

I was driving when I spotted the masts over the nearby buildings and luckily I had my camera with me. I wasn't the only one to stop and take pictures, but admittedly the other 2 taking photos looked like tourists.

The Tenacious is one of two tall ships owned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust, the other being Lord Nelson. For more information on the Tenacious see here or go to their site and take a look around. Interestingly, it is 10 years exactly since the Tenacious underwent construction. What sets the Tenacious apart from other tall ships is that she is kitted out to allow disabled crew members carry out the usual activities of a sailing ship. I like the idea of a speaking compass!

6 Responses to “A Tenacious Tall Ship”

  1. Donncha Says:

    That’s a great shot, especially with the sunset light! I took a few shots a few days ago of it too but it’ll be Monday before I post anything. She’s a lovely ship!

  2. ldubya Says:

    Great light too!

  3. Joe Brine Says:

    Tenacious Skipper,
    I notice you are coming to the Belfast Festival. Can you tell me which coast line you will be coming along to head up the Lagan and when?
    Thank You

  4. […] Donal has a great picture of the Tenacious lit by the setting sun. […]

  5. Michael Murphy Says:

    Congratulations Donal on great photos from the old country. I am now living in Australia and your photos bring back great memories to a former Mon-Boy.

  6. donal Says:

    Cheers Michael. Glad you like the photos.

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