Fred at the Spiegeltent, Cork

June 23, 2006

Fred at the Spiegeltent

Fred at the Spiegeltent

Fred at the Spiegeltent

A few pictures from the Fred gig at the Spiegeltent in Cork on Tuesday night.  It was a class gig as always.  More pictures to come tomorrow but take a look at the set on Flickr for all of them.  Pictures tomorrow will include Jamie's dad on stage playing the flute and stage-diving. 

See Donncha's photos from yesterday. 

11 Responses to “Fred at the Spiegeltent, Cork”

  1. […] Edit: Donal has great photos of the night. Go look! […]

  2. Donncha Says:

    Those are great shots! Just goes to show, you don’t need an expensive DSLR, it’s the person behind the camera composes and takes the shots!

  3. Hmmm, loathe though I am to admit it to your face (you’ll become insufferable), you’re developing quite an eye for a photo. Either that or you took a couple of hundred shots on the night and at least three turned out ok… :-)

  4. donal Says:

    Thanks Donn. At the same time I wouldn't mind having an expensive DSLR. Especially when I was reading the an article that Photojojo had linked to where your man says

    "Don’t even bother trying with a compact camera – you’ll look like an idiot, and the photos will come out rubbish."

    Although he does have this to say:

    "(Granted, I have worked with a few photographers who have proved me wrong on this point, but why make your life more difficult than it has to be?). "

    Hopefully I'll prove him wrong but someday I'll upgrade to a DSLR.

    Thanks PCB.  Compliments gladly accepted :) 

  5. Katie Says:

    Excellent gig shots! Really impressed, it is so tough to get any decent gig shots most of the time but you have really done a great job here. The tones are perfect and your exposure and lighting were spot on, really like these. Donncha did a great job too /off to comment there now… so am I missing a relationship here… noticed the shared surname on Flickr but only putting two and two together now ;)
    Maybe the talent here is genetic :)

  6. donal Says:

    Thanks Katie. Ok, the secret is out, Donncha’s my brother. Perhaps taking photos is genetic as our dad has millions of photos at home. Clutter, I like to call it :).

  7. Mike Says:

    Great pics Donal. Great gig Fred!

  8. […] Anyway, Donal took a few photos at the gig and you can see them here. […]

  9. Eoin Says:

    Great stuff altogether.

  10. […] The Blizzards played a great gig at Cyrpus Avenue last Thursday and best of all for cheapy me, it was free.  I had seen them play support to Fred in the Spiegeltent during the summer but as is usually the case with support bands the crowd doesn’t get too close and there is never too much of an atmosphere.  […]

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