A Tribute to Queen

August 17, 2006

Flash Harry

While waiting for the fireworks to start in Cobh on Sunday, we could hear Queen music being pumped out somewhere.  I just thought it was a loud pub but it turned out there was a Queen tribute band called Flash Harry playing in town.  We went down to meet Donncha who took some great shots of the event.  We hadn’t known this was on but they played a stormer.   

Flash Harry

Flash Harry

More pictures…

Flash Harry

Flash Harry

Flash Harry

3 Responses to “A Tribute to Queen”

  1. Donncha Says:

    That first photo is wonderful. It’s the perfect Freddie pose that I was trying to capture. Unfortunately I wasn’t going to go anywhere near the idiots jumping up and down to get a shot from that angle.

    Monochrome looks great too, good idea! :)

  2. Click Says:

    Bout you Donal. It’s click here from Flash Harry. I saw your message on our guest book.I’m glad you enjoyed the show in Cobh. It’s was great fun to do and the audience response was worth the 260 odd mile we traveled to do it. We have been asked back to play at the regatta for 2008, so you heard it here first eh.

    i like what you’re doing with your blogg page. Keep up the good work.

    click 07.

  3. […] Flash Harry played a couple of gigs in Cork over the Cork Jazz Festival.  Having seen them in Cobh during the summer, I definitely wanted to catch them again so off to Cyprus Avenue I went between various jazz gigs.  There was so much music on during the jazz festival that it was difficult to get to everything, but I almost succeeded! […]

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