Off to Lesotho

April 22, 2007

The time has finally come for me to head off to Lesotho.  It’s been a long time coming and I’m really looking forward to the next 10 days.  Any posts that appear from now on will be cued up because I’ve been told that the internet connection in Lesotho is not the best!

Photographs will appear on the ISPCC in Africa site on my return, with a few here too I’d imagine!  I mentioned a while back about getting storage for the trip as I only have 3 1GB cards which was not enough for 10 days travelling!  I got a 100GB Hyper Drive Space from MacWay.  I’ve been testing it in the last week and it seems to work fine.  More on this when I come home.  Although MacWay didn’t have it in stock when I ordered (my fault, prévoir delai apparently means something like “don’t expect to get it anytime soon”) but once they did have it, it arrived promptly.  They were also good to deal with my queries too.  I also got a spare battery for this from them.

I bought another three batteries for my Canon 400D to double the amount of batteries I have.  I got these from Digi-Quik which was quite pain-free.

Off to Dublin today, then on to Paris and finishing up in Johannesburg.  We then get a bus to our location in Lesotho so it’ll be quite a trek.

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  1. .. Says:

    […] Good luck to Donal and Celine who are off to Lesotho today for 10 days. They have a long jounrey ahead of them but I know they’re going to do some […]

  2. Best of luck! Happy building… hope there are not too many bugs and creepy crawlies at night! :-)

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