Hanging Back

May 24, 2007

Hanging Back in Lesotho

Some of the kids at the school we went to in Lesotho didn’t take part with the same exuberance of the others so I thought I’d get their picture so they wouldn’t feel left out.

They soon lightened up…


See the full set of photos. I have yet to put up pictures from the handover ceremony but all in good time!

4 Responses to “Hanging Back”

  1. .. Says:

    […] out Donal’s latest photos from his trip to Lesotho. The second group portrait is particularly good! Tags: Architecture, […]

  2. Photographer and social commentatory at large…

  3. Colm Christian Says:

    have just returned from Lesotho on a fundraising trip for Barretstown. Was interested in your trip. What organisation arranged the fundraising and trip?

  4. donal Says:

    Hi Colm,

    How did you get on over there? Great country isn’t it?

    We went with the ISPCC but the organisers were Across the Divide. I’ll be updating the site tonight with more details. http://www.ispccinafrica.com

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