June 13, 2007


Finally, has been updated detailing my recent trip to Lesotho on voluntary work.  I installed WordPress and created a bunch of pages with a mini-blog for the expedition section.  Let me know what you think.  No bells and whistles on it yet but I might add another few features over the next few days.  Is it worth putting a gallery up when I have all the photos up on Flickr anyway?  Superfluous I thnk. 

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  1. […] love: Donal has a great portrait of some of the kids from his trip to Lesotho. Tags: Candid, Canon 20D, Cork, hat, Ireland, […]

  2. Rethabile Says:


    You visited my blog a while ago and wondered “I was in Lesotho last month for a short time and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Can I ask how this initiative is progressing? My time was spent in regions where there was no electricity so the basics would need to be put in place before hoping to progress onto ICT initiatives. In Ireland, broadband is still not available in more remote parts of the country and from my limited knowledge of your country, this would be large obstacle there. I like the way you have identified wireless as the way to approach ICT in Lesotho. Too many big companies with wires in the ground want to make money here in Ireland so a wireless approach would bypass this problem.”

    I tried to get some information but wasn’t able to. Indeed, there are more urgent things to attend to in Lesotho than ICT programs. And then there was the elections. And now there are politically motivated attacks on opposition members.

    And the fact that I live in Europe makes it all the more difficult.

    Nice blog you’ve got here. What a pair of eyes that child in your snap possesses!

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